Bias in the jury selection process

When selecting a jury, both the defense and the prosecution are allowed to strike potential jurors from the pool. While the potential jurors provide answers to a questionnaire, what kind of role might race play in their selection or rejection?

logistic regression feature selection odds ratio p values race


Building on our experience with logistic regression, can we find bias in the jury selection process? Our feature encoding is pretty easy, but there are a lot of things we'll be controlling for.

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Picking what matters and what doesn't in a regression

How to use the statistical measure "p-value" to pick which features to include in your regression model. Also known as "feature selection."

Analyzing data using statsmodels formulas

Perform some cleaning and the main logistic regression using the formula method in the statsmodels package.

Alternative techniques with statsmodels formulas

Using casting-as-categorical in statsmodels formulas to approach this in another way. Not the same as